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These are comments emailed directly to us from customers:

Cherrie, At such a sad time in my life, I was so thankful in meeting you! I dreaded thinking of my husbands funeral, his flowers, etc. Walking into your Cherry Blossom Florist I could see the love you have in your business. You helped me through a difficult task and the flowers we chose, were so beautiful!! Just like everything in your florist! Thank you so much for all your care, not only in your flowers but also your customers!


Just received a big thank you from my sister for the "bear" arrangement I had ordered from you. Your web site made it so easy to order from. I will use you again. thank you


Thank you very much. My inlaws called last night to describe the arrangement and tell us how beautiful it is! Cherry Blossom never disappoints!!!


Thank you so much for the beautiful arrangement you created for Cameron. The one for me was a wonderful surprise! Thank you for the smile you sent, it made my day! You are wonderful, thoughtful, and caring. That's why you are so successful!!!! Bless you all!


Hi Cherrie,
The Hoffmeister family loved the flower basket you put together in memory of Mary. They said she would have loved it. High praise indeed. It was so nice to be able to call long distance and know that all would be taken care of with taste, quality and beauty. Thank you so much. We'll continue to call you for any Denver orders in the future.


My Mom received the European Garden basket you designed and delivered last Friday and was thrilled. She said it was the largest, most gorgeous arrangement she had ever received and was very touched. She said your reputation in the Denver area is superb and I was “lucky” that it was you that I had called. Thanks again for making this so special. With best regards,


Once again I would like to say Thank You for your outstanding service and quality. The Bamboo you chose was beautiful! I want you all to know just how much we appreciate your professionalism when ordering, your superior quality of flowers and arrangements and as always the best price in town! THANKS! YOUR’RE THE BEST!


Thank you so much for the absolutely gorgeous funeral arrangement. Jesse told me that you came back from Yom Kippur service to work on it. It is so appreciated. You put your heart into everything that you do and it shows...
Again, my heartfelt thanks,


Thank you for putting together such a beautiful arrangement, on behalf of Russ Carlson's request. The bouquet is in full view of anyone who walks toward our department and my face won't stop blushing! Thanks again,


Thanks VERY Much! My Mom always loves your arrangements!


Ladies (and Gents?) at Cherry Blossoms,
When my girlfriend got home to receive her flowers, she immediately called me to express how beautiful they were, she also sent me a picture. I noticed the upgrade and wanted to thank you all for the kind and considerate gesture. It's great to see businesses extend the personal touch, especially in these financially trying times. I don't buy flowers often enough, but when I do, I will be sure to patron your business. Thank you very much,


I wanted to thank you again for all your help. I received a call from my friend last evening. She stated that the arrangement you sent was THE most beautiful arrangement at the service. She really appreciated it and said she will be using you for all her orders in the future. (She sends several floral gifts to her husband's family in Colorado from Apple Valley, CA.)  Thank you again,


Excellent! You are more than welcome! I almost feel like you are responsible in part for my new found love!!! You helped me make my point!!! I am forever grateful!!


I called the shop on Saturday afternoon, but Katie said you had left.  I wanted to let you know that everything was fabulous.  Thanks so much.  I heard nothing but great compliments on how gorgeous the flowers all were.  Will share pictures when I'm able.  I know Jenn was very very pleased. 

-Mary Ann
Boulder, CO

The flowers, bouquets, bouts & wristlets were so beautiful! I have one of the spraybars on my dining table. Thank you so much for using your artistry and creativity on our behalf.

All the best, Linda and Chris

Cherrie, you are welcome. I was really impressed with your work and the time you took to talk about options. It was tremendously helpful when you brought out flowers and put them together so I could visualize what my bouquet would look like. The florist we talked to before you couldn't do that - all she would do is offer me the chance to go to Denver to the wholesaler (in 2 weeks). I also appreciate your design advice - you are the pro at this, and while I have a sense of what I want, I do not have the experience of putting things together, knowing the flowers and how they hold up, etc. Sorry for the long reply but I hope it's helpful to you to know more specifically
what I found about your service that works for me.


Nice job Cherrie. They were thrilled. Thank you


WOW!! The flowers that you sent to all of us are spectacularly beautiful!! I think this day meant more to all of us than anyone could have imagined. You have left us speechless with your generosity and kindness. Thank you again so much...we will share the flowers and put them on a rotating tour at each of our desks.

Broomfield, CO

Hello my name is Angela and I have just received my second flower arrangement delivered from your shop. I just wanted to say your arrangements are the best I have ever seen. Thank You.


Hi Cherrie,
You and your team have done it again and I can't thank you enough! I just got a call from my wife and as I mentioned to you she LOVES the job you do. The first words out of her mouth were "You know how much I love Cherry Blossoms." She thought the arrangement was "Gorgeous" and "Perfect"!!!! Thank you very much for helping me make this a special day for my wife, the absolute love of my life.

Warm Regards, -Rob

Last week I found your shop during an internet search for a florist in the Westminster area. I spoke to you and you promised to make up a ‘nice arrangement’ for my daughter and son-in-law. I just wanted to let you know that they think the arrangement is very beautiful and so much more than just ‘nice’! They were not home and so a neighbor took delivery of it first and she was very impressed and made note of your store for any future purchases she may need to make. I’m so glad I decided on your shop. Your service certainly did exceed my expectations and I appreciate it so much.


Dear Cherrie,
I just spoke with Shannon and she absolutely LOVES her bouquet! She said that she and her coworkers were awed by the arrangement and also impressed with the vase and ribbon too. I will certainly be using your First Class service in the future and will also refer all I know to "Cherry Blossoms". My sincere thanks,


Hello Cherrie,
Thank-you for your perfect roses yesterday. I am always hesitant to have flowers delivered, but the arrangement you delivered was spot-on. Being it was one of your busiest days, I was overly-impressed with the quality, timing, and handling of my order. Thanks again- you have earned all of my future business. Regards,


Hi, Cherrie --
The flowers were beautiful, and the timing for the delivery was perfect! It's a pleasure to do business with a company that fulfills their promises for quality service. I recommend you to all my business associates. Thank you so much.

- Danita